If interested in future litters, please go to Future Litters and send me your information.  At the time of breeding I contact interested people by email and take deposits at that time.  I am not always able to reply to all my emails, but I do save everyones information and will notify you!

In the meantime, please enjoy watching puppy videos of my past litters to see how we raise our brittanys in our home to bring you the best hunting genetics and best socialized pups we can!  Your next hunting companion might just be a Romence Brittany!!

Welcome to Romence Brittanys

  We pride ourselves in placing well socialized, beautiful Brittanys with exceptional hunting abilities.  Our pups are raised in our laundry room where they are part of our everyday life, so they get plenty of attention!  Great care is taken to make sure the pup you receive will be a wonderful family and hunting companion. 

History:  We have had wonderful brittanys for over 42 years and love the breed.  They are a great size family dog with tremendous desire to please.  Our first brittany was Lady, who we got from Wayne Warners, President of the Western Michigan Brittany Club.  She was with us for over 14 years.  Our next Brittany was Brandy, who unfortunately found Cascade Road at the age of 4.  At that time we installed Invisible Fence and everyone has been safe every since.  It is a very wise investment for your precious puppy!   After the loss of Brandy, we were very fortunate to find two wonderful lines of Brittanys that has been the foundation of our litters. Our first Brit we got was Greta, who passed away in 2006 at 14, and the next year we got Copper, who passed away in 2005 at 13.  Greta was from Mo’s Autumn Quest and was a daughter of a great dog named Keystone Cop, owned by Ron Auten.  Copper was another of  Wayne’s puppies.  He had bred his female to a National Amateur Gun Dog Champion, Hall of Fame Dog, Renegade’s Kansas Kid, owned by Diana Kubitz.  These two girls proved to be a couple of the greatest hunting dogs you could ever want!  Aunt Greta was spayed early in life, but Copper went on to have four litters.  Trainer John Johnson of Hopkins, Mich took her to South Dakota for a month of Guiding and said she was one of finest hunting dogs that he would ever hunt with.   He stated that she had an uncanny natural ability to stop a running pheasant.  All of the people he guided always wanted to go behind that little brittany!

         We have been very fortunate to have outstanding hunters!  Our Girls have hunted pheasant in the Dakotas and spend many hours on our properties in Northern Michigan pointing woodcock and partridge.  They have great desire, excellent noses and are very eager to please.  When they are not hunting, they are spoiled rotten house dogs, chasing squirrels and sleeping under the foot stool!  Life is good!

Julie Romence

5530 Ranger Hills

Grand Rapids, Michigan





Breckon is now 13 years old.  She was Runner Up MUCC Gun Dog of the Year 2005

She has been a wonderful hunting dog and family companion.

Meet our girls:


Abbey is a beautiful loving girl that is very biddable.  She is now 8 years old.  She listens well in the field and I very rarely have to call to her.  She checks back often and is a joy to hunt with.  Her favorite place at home is in someones lap.  She had two derby placements as a young dog and a 1st in the Western Michigan Brittany Specialty Show in the class, " Bred by exhibitor".  If I had done a better job, she may have taken the show.  :)  She was being looked at very closely!!!  Abbey's sire is 5x American Field Champion, Renegade's Regal Wrigley, with Hall of Fame Renegade's Kansas Kid on both sides of her pedigree. .


The best way to describe our Duffee is to say that she is an all around great dog!  She is now 7 years old.  She is a natural retriever, an awesome hunter with great heart, is wonderful in the home and incredibly sweet!  Her temperament is very, very calm and she has been an awesome addition to Romence Brittanys.  We are very lucky to have her. 


     Red is from our Abbey/NGDC/NAGDC/FC/AFC Peter Gunn litter.  She is three and a half.  She loves everyone and everything!  Especially if it involves hunting!!  A real sweetheart!  Last fall, she learned how to pin a wild pheasant in N. Dakota and made a 70 yard water retrieve!  We are expecting great hunting seasons with her!  She had another great Dakota trip this year.  And just for fun, she is learning that agility class is a blast!!  Doing it like a pro!  I just have to keep up with her!



Tess is a Duffee puppy.  Sire is Jose from Rick and Ronnie Smith's line. Tess is our youngest girl, just turned 4.  She has her mother’s size, great temperament and hunting drive! She is going to take us on a ride of a lifetime in the field trial world with Jimmy Johnson training and handling her. Can’t wait to see her fly!    

A note from Jimmy Johnson:

Tess has Back to back Derby wins. One in the field and one in the woods against pointers and setters in their element. Only the special ones accomplish wins in both venues. Looking forward to a great career with her and owner/breeder Julie Romence

Congratulations Tess!

1st place in a 16 dog puppy stake!!  Michigan Saginaw Brittany Club.

Spring Trial 2013

Congrats to Tess again!!

A Great Fall 2013 Season!!

Derby win at Michigan Saginaw Brittany Club and an awesome Derby win against 16 Setters, Brittanys and Pointers at the

Michigan Grouse Championship! 

1st place Open Derby!!!!

Training day with Red, Duffee and Tess.

Please consider a wonderful Brittany from the American Brittany Rescue.  There are many wonderful brittanys that need a home and yours might just be one of them!  You will also find a great section about Brittanys and why a Senior Brittany might be a good choice.

American Brittany Rescue :: American Brittany Rescue


This is a great website with a wealth of information for you to look at!


What to expect when you come to see one of our litters!

Pups are 5 1/2 weeks old.

Visitors are always welcome, that is one of the things that make our puppies so special!  Lots of people around them from the time they are born.  Here you can see a typical visit from a future puppy owner!

Puppy buyer:  Randy Moe

Also mentioned in video is Vance Butler from

ModekaKennels.net (Duffee’s trainer)


Ronnie Smith (Sire’s owner) from RonnieSmithKennels.com, Huntsmith.com

Congratulations to Duffee!! Runner -up Flynn Memorial.  She had one of the prettiest points I have seen, leg cocked, tail high, curved into the bird, wish I had my camera on me!!!!


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This was a facebook cover photo of the American Brittany Club.

I took this picture at the 2014 Gun Dog Nationals!


Ollie, an Abbey puppy, showing his stuff at the

2011 National Gun Dog Championship.

Ollie just dabbles in Field Trials, he was good enough to make it to Nationals and got around clean!  What he's best at is being an outstanding hunter and family dog!

Brittanys can do it all!!

Duffee  Breckon  Abbey  Red  Tess

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Congratulations Duffee!!  Fourth Place Open Gun Dog West Michigan Brittany Club Field Trial in Ionia Michigan!  

Breckon and Wrigley's 11 pup litter


Recommended reading for all new puppy owners!!

!!!!!Congratulations Tess!!!!!

4th place



1st place OAA Pennsylvania Brittany Club

2nd place Michigan Saginaw Valley  OAA

4th place West Michigan Brittany Club

3rd place Michigan Brittany Club

Handled by Jim Johnson

Romence Brittanys

Family/Hunting Companions!

Meet Riley, our newest girl!  

She is a Duffee/Legacy's Pine Bandit puppy.  A VERY special girl!!  


Breckon  Riley  Abbey  Red  Duffee